The AEG Podcast, Episode 6: Energy Literacy and the Challenges of the 21st Century

In this AEG Podcast between Catherine and Brad Hayes about energy and energy transition. Brad explains that most Canadians are not energy literate as energy has always been available to them, and people only become more informed when there is a shortage of energy. However, due to recent energy shortages in European countries, people are becoming more aware of the complexities of energy. Brad emphasizes that providing adequate energy should be the top priority as nothing can be achieved without adequate and affordable energy. Government policies should ensure adequate energy supply at the top of the list, with environmental protection coming in second. Brad believes that the term energy transition is a loaded term, and the sensible approach is to transform our energy delivery system from a certain mix to a different mix in the future. Brad also suggests various sources to obtain factual information on energy, and Catherine adds that we should always question what we are being told.

Information on the podcast can be found at the Alberta Enterprise Group website.