Geoscience Expertise Supporting Energy Development

Serving Canadian and International energy development communities with expertise in geoscience, engineering and project management for more than 45 years.


Petrel Robertson has served the energy industry, governments and regulators in Canada and around the world since 1972. Our geoscience and engineering teams provide expert technical and management skills to support energy exploration, appraisal, development, storage and operations.

PRCL facilitates 21st century Energy Transitions

We apply our subsurface geoscience and engineering expertise to oil and gas, water resource characterization, geothermal resources, subsurface energy storage and carbon sequestration, and exploration for helium and other strategic commodities

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Petrel Robertson is playing an important role as Canada and the world transition to more diverse energy sources and storage.

Oil and gas will be critical for energy and petrochemicals for decades to come.  PRCL supports orderly, efficient, and environmentally responsible development of oil and gas resources.  Much of our oil- and gas-related work now supports initiatives such as identifying water source and disposal opportunities for unconventional oil and gas, while ensuring protection of fresh water resources.

We are also finding opportunities to leverage our subsurface skill sets beyond oil and gas, including:

  • Exploring for and developing other resources, such as minerals-rich saline brines and helium, found in deep gas reservoirs
  • Characterizing saline water resources in deep aquifers to supply water for hydraulic fracturing, and to safely dispose of waste water from petroleum and other industrial processes
  • Characterizing fresh water resources in shallow aquifers, as water supply for many uses, and to guard against contamination
  • Mapping areas at risk from induced seismicity
  • Evaluating and planning geothermal energy development
  • Assessing and planning subsurface energy storage, as in caverns and fracture systems


Imperial Helium Corp has successfully drilled its first well

Imperial Helium Corp has successfully drilled its first well

Imperial Helium Corp. has successfully drilled, logged, and cased its first well, IHC Steveville 102/03-01-020-12W4, on its historic Steveville helium asset, in southeastern Alberta. “As soon as is practical, the company will commence completion and production testing...

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Geophysical panel discussion

Geophysical panel discussion

Chief Geophysicists Forum (CGF) are putting together a panel of perspectives from Kathleen Dorey (Petrel Robertson Consulting), Chris Bird (Arc Resources) and Anton Biryukov (Energy Toolbase). The panelists plan to showcase how they, as Geophysicists, continue to add...

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