Dr. Brian Zaitlin (Zaitlin GeoConsulting Ltd.) is co-chairing with Ms. Shelley Leggett (NAL Resources) a session titled: Skill Fundamentals 101 and Case Studies: Parts 1 and 2. This session will be presented on May 13th at the Calgary Geoconvention in Telus Room 104-105.
This session has been developed to answer the need for both new and experienced staff to be introduced to a variety of geological and technical concepts and applications. The session will be organized around presentations on concepts and applications in Sequence Stratigraphy, Ichnology, Core – Wireline Log Correlation, Geochemistry, Hydrodynamics, and Geomechanics, presented by experts in their respective fields. The session will be delivered in a “bootcamp” style, with an over-arching theme of “going back to the basics.” CSPG members have indicated a critical need for new graduates and recent-hires to be exposed to the basic integrated concepts that are utilized in day to day work.

Topics to be covered and presenters include:

  • Concept: Sequence stratigraphy using well logs and cores, a systematic approach: Dr. J. Battacharya
  • Application: Integrating Ichnology with Sedimentology to Solve Sequence Stratigraphic Problems: Case Study of a Forced Regressive Asymmetric Delta, Viking Formation, Kaybob-Fox Creek, AB: Dr. J. MacEachern
  • Concept: Fundamental Skills in Core to Log Correlations in Unconventional Resource Plays: Examples from the Montney Formation: Dr T. Moslow
  • Application: Core to log correlation of Montney members and stratigraphic surfaces: Dr. J.P. Zonnefeld
  • Concept: Tight Oil Geochemistry: Dr. D. Jarvie
  • Application: In situ versus produced hydrocarbons in unconventional reservoirs: insight from produced and mud gas geochemistry (Montney resource play, Western Canada): T. Euzen
  • Concept: Petroleum Hydrodynamics Fundamentals: Dr. P. Esslinger
  • Application: What’s hydrodynamics done for me lately? Select case studies from the Conventional and Unconventional Montney Formation: Dr. K. Rahkit
  • Concept: The Importance of Hydrodynamics in the Geomechanical Understanding of Oil and Gas Plays: Upper Mannville Case Study: Dr. A. Fox
  • Talk details can be found at www.geoconvention.com.