Few people seem to appreciate how extremely complex energy transition is. Is it possible to transition to a low carbon intensity energy system quickly, cheaply, and safely, given the realities of energy demand and existing technologies associated with `green’ energy? In this episode my guests, Brad Hayes, Mark Brown and Gordon Holden, look at one of the many pathways proposed to reduce carbon emissions, the “Sustainable Development Scenario”, where the International Energy Association (IEA) outlines the assumptions to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% by 2040. Using this information, we took energy transition to the street, and asked people about energy transition, their energy consumption, and the cost of energy. Tune it to hear what they had to say.

I am happy to welcome back Brad Hayes, who has a PhD in geology, and is President of Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd in Calgary. Gordon Holden serves as an executive director on the CHOA board and is the founder of Energy Strategies & Project Associates, a boutique energy consultancy firm.

Mark Brown, who will cohost today’s episode, is the general manager for Fluor Canada. Over the course of his tenure with Fluor, Mark has served in many leadership roles in North America, Europe and Asia.

A very special thanks to our sponsor, Fluor Canada Ltd. and Mark Brown, who acted as my co-host.

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