Kathleen Dorey will be presenting for the CSUR technical webinar on Tuesday September 28th on Geoscience for an Energy Transition.

As the world is slowly transitioning to non-traditional forms of energy use and consumption there are a number of energy related projects that still require high level geoscience applications in Canada and around the globe. In the last few years Ms. Dorey has worked on projects outside the traditional oil and gas space that still required advanced geoscience skills to ensure a high level of project success and timely completion. In this talk she will discuss a number of the projects including exploration and development for geothermal heat/power, lithium resources, helium exploration as well as Inland LNG and carbon capture and sequestration. The innovative applications and advanced techniques used for these projects will be outlined as well as forward looking thoughts regarding demand for geoscience in other areas.

For more information and to register, please see the CSUR website.