Wastewater Disposal in the Maturing Montney Play Fairway of NEBC

This study will address knowledge gaps outlined in the 2019 report of the Scientific Review of Hydraulic Fracturing in British Columbia.

Hydraulic fracturing and hydrocarbon production bring water to the surface that contains frac fluid additives and salt-rich formation fluids from deep underground. These cannot be allowed to contaminate fresh surface water or shallow groundwater zones, so provincial regulations dictate safe disposal in deep formations far below potable groundwater.

Deep formations vary widely in their capacity to accept and contain disposed waters. PRCL will identify and characterize suitable disposal zones across the vast area of NEBC being developed for gas and oil from the Montney Formation. We will also identify situations where injection of waste water could pose risks by creating fractures that would allow waste water to escape from the disposal zone, or which could create seismic events.

Joining the PRCL team will be:

  • Howard Anderson, P.Eng. (Reservoir Engineering)
  • Mark Cooper, Ph.D., P.Geol, Sherwood Geoconsulting (structural geology)
  • Pat McLellan, M.Sc, P.Eng., McLellan Energy Advisors (geomechanics, fluids and reservoir responses)
  • Ben Rostron, Ph.D., P.Eng., P.Geol., Isobrine Solutions (fluids and pressure systems analysis)
  • AGAT Laboratories will also provide new analytical work to address data gaps.